"Sunspot Squadron, get into the air! Now!"
Weir scrambling the squadron on Tralus[src]

Sunspot Squadron was a Imperial TIE starfighter squadron that was stationed in the Corellian system under the command of General Weir.


Sunspot Squadron employed TIE fighters and TIE interceptors armed with proton torpedo launchers.

When news got to Weir that Emperor Palpatine had died at Endor, he and his forces attacked Coronet in hopes of proving to the populace that the Empire was still in control. Rogue Squadron were stationed at Coronet at the time of the attack, and followed Weir back to his hideout on Tralus.

During the battle that followed, Weir and Sunspot Squadron engaged Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles in the air, and all but Weir were shot down by the Rebels. Weir was taken to Sullust for trial, and any survivors of the battle were captured by the New Republic.



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