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Sunstar glowing
"Sunstar vs. Shadowstone"
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Star Wars: Ewoks






Paul Dini


Raymond Jafelice

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November 2, 1985

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"The Land of the Gupins"

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"Wicket's Wagon"

"Sunstar vs. Shadowstone" is the ninth episode in the Star Wars: Ewoks animated television series, and the ninth episode in season one. Written by Paul Dini and directed by Raymond Jafelice, the episode originally aired on ABC on November 2, 1985.

Plot synopsisEdit

Morag illusion
Morag takes on a magical disguise to kidnap Wicket and his friends.

Around a campfire, Chief Chirpa is telling a group of woklings the story of the Sunstar Shadowstone, a very powerful stone that the Ewoks never used because of its extreme power for good or evil. He explains that Morag the Tulgah witch wanted the stone for herself, and once came to the Ewok village looking for it. But a young Ewok warrior fought back, and was carried away to Morag's home in Mount Thunderstone. However, the young Ewok soon learned Morag's magic, and turned it on her, which broke the Sunstar Shadowstone in half. The Ewok managed to escape with the Sunstar half, but the Shadowstone remained in Morag's lair. Chief Chirpa then reveals that this Ewok he is speaking of is actually Logray, the village medicine-man. After the story, the woklings thank Chief Chirpa for the story and go home.


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Morag in stone
Morag's lava armor turns to stone, killing her.

Behind the scenesEdit

In 1986, this episode was adapted into the children's book entitled The Shadow Stone: An Ewok Adventure.

This episode shows a character saying the well-known phrase "I have a bad feeling about this", from the Star Wars series. Princess Kneesaa says the line after seeing a strange light and hearing somebody (actually Morag) singing in a cave.

This episode was released on DVD in 2004 as part of the The Haunted Village feature film. It can be found on side 2 of the disc.

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