The Sunwolf speeder bike was Ikas-Adno's military variant of their popular Starhawk speeder bike.


Measuring 2.8 meters, the Sunwolf was an improved, military-grade version of the Starhawk speeder bike. Capable of speeds up to 425 kmh with a flight ceiling of 15 meters, the Sunwolf was a single-seat speeder bike armed with a single forward-facing laser cannon. A Sunwolf cost 5,500 credits when purchased new, and 1,150 when used.[1]


The Sunwolf was Ikas-Adno's first foray in the military speeder bike market, and was an improved version of their civilian model, the Starhawk. While not as fast or powerful as Aratech's 74-Z speeder bike, the Sunwolf was popular with planetary governments and mercenaries as it was cheaper to buy.[1]

As the Sunwolf looked almost identical to the Starhawk, the bike was favored by Alliance to Restore the Republic agents and other like-minded individuals as it was often mistaken for its civilian predecessor, which gave them the element of surprise in some situations. Thilis-Brin, an Ishi Tib technician and Foster Agent working for the Alliance, drove a modified version of the Sunwolf as her personal vehicle.[1]

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The Sunwolf speeder bike was first mentioned in Star Wars Adventure Journal 10, published by West End Games in 1996.


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