A SuperFlow IV droid brain was a type of central computer for starships produced by Hanx-Wargel, a starship technology corporation. The YT-1300 light freighter designated 492727ZED was fitted with one by its manufacturer, Corellian Engineering, during its construction in 60 BBY. It maintained a record of the ship's travels, its registrations, and its many upgrades. Various pilots of the craft also recorded their thoughts within it. A mechanic, Bammy Decree, downloaded the craft's records and the pilots' messages while analyzing the brain in 18 BBY, after the ship collided with another, the Jendirian Valley III, and the brain needed to be replaced. They were being sold by the company under warranty by Hanx-Wargel, but the part was very expensive.[3]

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The Superflow IV droid brain appeared in Millennium Falcon by James Luceno.



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