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Super Star Wars is the first of a series of three Super Nintendo games based on the original three films of the Star Wars series. In 2009 the game was released on the Wii's Virtual Console. On November 17, 2015, the game was ported over to the PlayStation 4 and Vita. The term Super Star Wars can refer to the first game or to all three games collectively. All three are essentially platform games, although they all have stages which feature other challenges, such as driving a landspeeder or piloting an X-wing. All three games also feature multiple playable characters with different abilities.

Opening crawlEdit

Episode IV
It is a period of civil war.
Rebel spaceships, striking
from a hidden base, have won
their first victory against
the evil Galactic Empire.

During the battle, Rebel
spies managed to steal secret
plans to the Empire's
ultimate weapon, the DEATH
STAR, an armored space
station with enough power to
destroy an entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire's
sinister agents, Princess
Leia races home aboard her
starship, custodian of the
stolen plans that can save
her people and restore
freedom to the galaxy....

Plot and gameplayEdit

Super Star Wars Title

Title Screen

Generally, Super Star Wars can be said to follow the Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope plot closely, although some allowances must be made to adapt the story to suit a platform action game. For example, instead of simply buying C-3PO and R2-D2 from the Jawas, Luke Skywalker meets C-3PO alone in the desert. Driving in his landspeeder to the Jawa Sandcrawler he fights his way on its top while leaping from a series of moving conveyor belts. Inside, he fights Jawas and the Jawenko lava beast to rescue R2.

Later stages allow the player to control smuggler and pilot Han Solo or Chewbacca the Wookiee.



  • Plasma Shield - Temporary invulnerability (Looks like a yellow shield)
  • Thermal detonator - Clears screen of enemies (Looks like a small white box with black stripes)
  • Health (Small and Large) - Regains health (Large gives more health) (A Heart)
  • Time - Increases time to finish the level. Counts down from 50 in units of 10. (A Clock and numbers)
  • Bonus - 2x Points. Several can be picked up to increase the multiplier by 2,with 8x the maximum (Darth Vader's head)
  • Health Sword - Increases size of health bar to hold approximately one large health. (Lightsaber)
  • Extra Life - One more life (The head of the character you're playing as)





Luke Skywalker fighting in the Tatooine desert.

  • Level 1: The Dune Sea - Boss: Sarlacc Pit Monster
  • Level 2: Landspeeder
  • Level 3: Sandcrawler (Outside)
  • Level 4: Sandcrawler (Inside) - Boss: Lava Beast Jawenko
  • Level 5: Land of the Sandpeople
  • Level 6: Land of the Banthas - Boss: Banthas, Mutant Womprat
  • Level 7: Landspeeder 2
  • Level 8: Mos Eisley
  • Level 9: The Cantina - Boss: Kalhar Boss Monster
  • Level 10: Mos Eisley 2 - Boss: IHCC (Imperial Hover Combat Carrier)
  • Level 11: Death Star Hangar Bay - Boss: Imperial Loader Droid
  • Level 12: Death Star Detention Block - Boss: Detention Guard Boss
  • Level 13: Tractor Beam Chasm - Boss: Tractor Beam Power Level
  • Level 14: Death Star Surface
  • Level 15: Death Star Trench Run - Boss: Darth Vader's TIE Advanced


Critical reactionEdit

The entire Super Star Wars series earned mostly acclaim from both critics and fans. Its graphics were considered cutting-edge for their time, with the driving stages employing mode 7 graphics, a primitive form of 3D of which the Super Nintendo hardware was capable. Particularly well-received was the game's lush sound, with its accurate representation of the film's famous John Williams soundtrack. On the negative side, the entire series would develop a notoriety for its unforgiving difficulty, which would often frustrate even skilled players.


At one point, there was going to be a garbage compactor level, a screenshot of it supposedly exists. The Dianoga would likely be the boss.


Notes and referencesEdit

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