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"All by yourself? Not a problem."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi encountering a super battle droid rocket trooper[src]

Super battle droid rocket troopers were upgraded B2-RP battle droids used by the Separatist Alliance during the Clone Wars.


The Super battle droid rocket troopers were a variant of B2 super battle droids, and were a refinement of the B2-RP battle droid.[4]The model featured a jetpack composed of two bulky thrusters attached to the shoulders, supplemented with smaller thrusters attached to the droid's ankles. The battle droids were armed with wrist-mounted laser cannons. The droids also had red sensors.[2]




The super battle droid rocket trooper was used most notably during the Battle of Ringo Vinda. They were used alongside the droidekas in a final push that forced the Republic army to fall back, after Jedi Master Tiplar had been killed by the damaged clone trooper Tup.[2]

The droids were later assigned the task of breaking into a Republic shuttle to abduct Tup, who had been responsible for the Jedi's death. The droids swiftly eliminated all other clones in the craft, and and were able to bring Tup to Admiral Trench.[2]

The model also saw action in the battle for Anaxes.[5]

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The B2 rocket trooper features as an adversary in the third phase of the Tank Takedown raid event in the non-canon video game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Summoned by General Grievous to defend a damaged Armored Assault Tank on Geonosis, the rocket trooper leads a squad of B1 battle droids.


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