Support the Boys in White was a pro-Galactic Republic propaganda poster created during the Clone Wars by Hamma Elad, an artist and member of the Commission for the Protection of the Republic. It depicted a starry background with at least eight white planets of various sizes, as well as five Y-wings soaring up leaving white trails from their engines, several red diagonal lines coming down at a certain point, and four Phase I-armored clone troopers facing the right, with a white border at the bottom with the words "Support the Boys in White" in the border, with the words "the" and "in" being stylized to be written vertically and in red, while the words "Support," "Boys," and "White" were written in black, with two "="s in red, one on each side. The Old Republic logo was also prominently displayed. Elad, who spent a lot of time with the clone troopers on Kamino, made the propaganda poster specifically to humanize them based on her experience with them, and was one of the last artworks she did before being killed in a Separatist attack.[1]


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