It's time for the Jedi to end.

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This article is about the Mega-class Star Destroyer. You may be looking for the song named Supremacy or the Supremacy-class attack ship.

The Supremacy was a Mega-class Star Destroyer that served as the flagship of Supreme Leader Snoke and the headquarters of the First Order.[1] The ship was 60 kilometers in wingspan[2] and was the sole Mega-class Star Destroyer in the First Order's service. Being the First Order's headquarters, it acted as both a command center and a battleship. As such, not only was it able to carry First Order stormtroopers into battle, but it was also capable of fixing, harboring, and building various ships in the First Order Navy onboard its hangar bays. Its main command bridge sat upon a massive structure sitting at the center of the ship. The bridge had access to displays that allowed for 360 degree views, thus allowing for lookouts over everything within the city-scape-like structures on the main "wing" of the destroyer.[1]

It was kept hidden in the galaxy's Unknown Regions to keep it from being discovered. Snoke preferred to issue commands from this vessel to his minions.[1]



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