The Alliance Supreme Allied Commanders, or simply Supreme Commanders, were the group of senior Rebel Alliance military officers tasked with command of the various military branches of the Rebellion, collectively known as the Supreme Allied Commanders.

Supreme Allied CommandersEdit

There were seven Supreme Allied Commanders and their names and functions were as follows:

  • Fleet Command (Fleet)—the Alliance Fleet of combat warships and attached support units.
  • Ordnance and Supply (OaS)—weapons, equipment and supply procurement, and also R&D.
  • Starfighter Command (StarCom)—administrative oversight of starfighter forces and pilot training; only a few "rogue" squadrons were under the direct operational control of StarCom.
  • Support Services (Support)—Maintained bases, staging areas, supply ships, safeworlds, and manufacturing centers.
  • Intelligence (Intell)—espionage and analysis.
  • Special Forces (SpecForces)—the Alliance's ground troops.
  • Sector Command (SecCom)—responsible for oversight over the semi-autonomous Sector Forces controlled by governments and resistance groups that pledged allegiance to the Alliance.

The CommandersEdit

While the identities of each of the Supreme Allied Commanders are not known, the following Commanders are. Note that while each held the rank of Supreme Allied Commander, formal address varied.


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