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During the Age of the Empire, the Sullustan crime lord Surat Nuat led a gang that was based in the Alcazar in Myrra, the capital city of the planet Akiva. The gang collaborated with the Galactic Empire. Some known members of the gang included the Koorivar Makarial Gravin, the Ithorian Herf, the Abednedo Toomata Wree and the Herglic Gor-kooda. Following the Battle of Endor, Surat Nuat's gang came into conflict with the junk dealer Temmin Wexley. After the Rebellion on Akiva, the New Republic launched a crackdown on Surat Nuat's gang and other organized crime elements on the planet. Surat Nuat fled offworld but many of the gang were killed or captured by the new authorities.[1]


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