"Used by New Republic troops in the battle of Glom Tho, the decisive encounter of the Hevvrol Sector Campaign. Achieved a record satisfaction rating of 97.3 percents!"
―An advertisement for the NeuroSaav Sure-Sight[src]

The Sure-Sight was a blaster scope manufactured by Neuro-Saav Technologies and used by the New Republic during the Galactic Civil War. The Sure-Sight utilized holo-imaging technology, computerized light amplification, heat bafflers, image sifters, and radiation signature micro-sensors to positively identify targets over 500 meters away in the most difficult conditions. It required a New Republic Weapon Class III permit.

It also came with sensor correction software, which meant it could be run by most second-degree droids meeting GalactiDroid Architecture Class 2-B standards. There was also a special macrobinocular mini-comp attachment available.

The Sure-Sight was put to use during the Battle of Glom Tho, where it achieved a record satisfaction rating of 97.3 percent by New Republic troops.