Survival tools were tools designed to be used for survival in wild or hostile environments such as wilderness, deserts, or mountains. Survival tools included knives or blades such as the survival knife, utensils, macrofusers and miniature transpirators.

Han Solo was given one by his son, Anakin Solo, in 25 ABY. The particular survival tool was made by Chewbacca; were it not for this, Han might not have accepted the gift from his son, who he was at that time at odds with over Chewie's death. The fork on the tool enabled Han to eat nerf steak aboard the Queen of Empire, and shortly afterward the tool saved his life from imminent death aboard his ship, the Millennium Falcon, at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong Priestess Elan. The miniature transpirator on the tool allowed Han to breathe just long enough to avoid the deadly toxic effects of Elan's bo'tous spore. Elan, lacking her own respirator, died as a result of her own attack.