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"Now that you mention it, I suppose that would cause a thermoblast. Forget I ever suggested it."

Suskafoo, or Foo to his friends, was a pale green Verpine.


Suskafoo lived on a fringe asteroid of the Roche asteroid field. His asteroid was the first contacted by the Rebel Alliance. From that time onwards, Suskafoo became something of a student of galactic culture, reading extensively on alien cultures and using his programming experience to master Galactic Basic. He then became a mediator between his hive and the "Rebel Hive."

Suskafoo was incredibly curious about technology, and loved working on theoretical problems. He was involved in the design of the A/SF-01 B-wing starfighter, a joint project with the Mon Calamari, and was a member of Dagger Squadron, the Alliance's first B-wing squadron. Suskafoo also had a great interest in the Force, which he sustained by asking many questions whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although not named in Star Wars: Rebellion 13, Jeremy Barlow confirmed that the Verpine was Suskafoo on the Jedi Council Forums.[2]



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