Suuas was a male Sullustan relative of Luewet Wuul, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances Senator of Sullust and chairman of the subcommittee on mineral taxation.


In 45 ABY Suuas was on Coruscant living with his relative Luewet Wuul when Wuul was visited by Grand Master Luke Skywalker. Wuul tells him about the suspicions surrounding the heads of GET, the Columi Qreph brothers, Marvid and Craitheus. Wuul informs Luke that the Qrephs are intending to take over the entire galactic economy in a hostile corporate takeover of nearly every industry in the galaxy, with their criminal doings in the process being a fact known unofficially. Suuas listened all the conversation, being secretly a spy of the GET, but was discovered by Luke and Wuul. However after Luke sets off to the Chiloon Rift, Wuul was killed due to the Qrephs' scheming.