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Suubatars were majestic riding beasts native to the rolling plains of Ansion. They were six meters tall, with protruding lavender eyes speckled with silver. Its smooth, tapered skull hinted that it was a creature of impressive speed. Suubatars pumped their six muscular legs when in full gait, gripping the grasslands with their long splayed toes, and launching themselves across the prairies in a speedy, yet smooth, run. Each of their six feet had six toes, and they were exceptional swimmers.

The suubatar body was long and narrow, ending in a lean, leg-length tail. They were covered in a coat of short, soft, and dense bronze-colored fur striped with distinctive patterns of green, providing excellent camouflage on the Ansonian plains. They had a single nostril, no mane, and their ears were flat along their head. Suubatars could hear up into the 25kz range of sound

Suubatars were omnivores, with their massive jaws hinged to allow the swallowing of large fruit and small prey whole. Four canine teeth protruded above and below the jaw, giving them a fearsome appearance. Suubatar riders sat in leather viann supports that elevated the driver above the suubatar's spinal ridge.

The suubatars had long been domesticated and were typically reserved for the Alwari Highborn. To ride a suubatar was to mark oneself as being important and with good taste among the Alwari.



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