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"Now I kill you and Nem'ro give me big reward."
―The beast master, speaking to the future Grand Champion of the Great Hunt[src]

This individual was a beast master for Suudaa Nem'ro, a Hutt, during the Cold War. He was killed by the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt after his beasts, including k'lor'slugs, rancors, and akk wolves, failed to kill the hunter.

Nem'ro had sent the hunter to kill the beast master, expressing that he was a traitor that needed to be dealt with; however, when the hunter arrived at the beast pit, the beast master revealed that he knew the hunter was coming, and had prepared his beasts to attack. This ambush of the hunter in the beast pit of Nem'ro's Palace was revealed to be part of Nem'ro's test to earn his sponsorship in the Great Hunt. It was also used as a spectacle of entertainment for Nem'ro and the palace's visitors. The beast master was killed in the ensuing battle.