"I'm not a violent man. I've had my share of it in the war. I sincerely hoped i could just hang my blaster rifle on the wall as a souvenir for my grandchildren."
―Suulru to Meetra Surik[src]

Suulru was a farmer on Dantooine and a veteran of the Jedi Civil War. A moisture vaporator was stolen from him by a salvager named Jorran, who sold it back to Suulru for 500 credits. Suulru then discovered that Jorran had removed the modulator, though it had actually been taken by another salvager named Daraala. Meetra Surik assisted him and later recruited him to join the militia that defended Khoonda from Azkul's attack in 3951 BBY.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to content retrieved from dialog.tlk, Kaevee was supposed to be the one who stole Suulru's farming equipment. The Exile could either murder her and retrieve the equipment or take her to the farmer, who would offer her a job. Jorran was subsequently chosen to be the thief.

In some instances if Vrook Lamar chooses to teach the Jedi Exile a lightsaber form, depending on what class your character and what order you visit Dantooine, he will demonstrate and actually attack Suulru using said form. Though quite obviously a glitch in the game the amusing exchange is considered non-canon


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