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"Your progress has been quite satisfactory, Suung Aruh. In the hands of a master you could be shaped into a most useful adept."
―Nen Yim on Suung Aruh[src]

Suung Aruh was a male Yuuzhan Vong and a member of the Shaper caste. A Shaper Initiate, he was stationed on the worldship Baanu Miir. Though he was apprenticed to Master Shaper Tih Qiqah, Aruh was forced to tell his master crèche-tales with adult overtones, essentially making him a slave. When Nen Yim was assigned to the Baanu Miir, Aruh became her apprentice, and he quickly showed promise as a shaper. However, when Kae Kwaad came aboard, Aruh was forced to aid the mad shaper in his quest to create the prefect grutchin, even being used as a stool by Kwaad. Aruh was believed to have been killed when the Baanu Miir finally died.

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