"I hear what you're saying, Miss Shaywa, but none of that is important. It doesn't matter that the poem was composed by some Taung, or that Taung wanted to kill an ancestor of ours, or what weapon he wanted to do it with or what language he spoke. The Taungs and the Zhell were enemies, but they were also part of a brotherhood, one that includes all living beings who believe in a higher cause and are willing to fight and die for it. If you've been in battle, if you've entrusted your life to other soldiers who are just as scared and confused and noble and brave as you are, then you're a part of that brotherhood. No matter what you look like."
―Swart Swifto, in response to a question posed by Eschul Shaywa[src]

Swart Swifto was one of Cuy'val Dar (literally "those who no longer exist"). He trained the Galactic Republic's clone army, and later the Empire's Imperial Center Guard. Swifto upheld the tradition of the Mandalorian battle chant, Dha Werda Verda, throughout his career, teaching it to Republic clones and Imperial troopers alike.

In 2 ABY, he was interviewed by Eschul Shaywa of Imperial Center Today, and was asked about the ancient song, and the older epic off of which it was based. Swifto explained that even though the epic speaks of the non-human Taungs defeating the human Zhell nations, it can still be appropriately appreciated by all warriors, of every species.


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