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Swen was a pair of Escort shuttles used by the Bothans during the Galactic Civil War.


When the Rebel Alliance learned that the Galactic Empire had been constucting a New Death Star they began to amass their forces to strike at the station, believing it to be under construction and not fully operational. In reality, the station, although still under construction, was fully armed and operational and Emperor Palpatine wanted to lure the entire fleet into a trap to destroy them. A potential problem for this plan was beginning to take root when a Bothan computer programmer had reviewed the data and became suspicious. Fearing that his theory would compromise Palpatine's plans, the Secret Order of the Empire, informed Tan Maarek Stele of the situation and told him that the programmer was on one of the two shuttles to meet up with a Rebel summit in the Delfii system.

Stele arrived at the Summit in a Missile Boat to recon and inspect the summit. Flying through multiple Rebel starfighters, Stele soon intercepted and destroyed the shuttle the expert was on, silencing his theory before it could be reached to Rebel Command.

Behind the scenesEdit

The shuttles appear in Lucasarts' Star Wars: TIE Fighter expansion pack in Battle 12 combat 6 "Recon Military Summit". The shuttle that has the cargo "Programmer" must be destroyed as a part of a secondary mission objective. The shuttle in question changes between the two.