The Swiff was a Dray-class transport that Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, borrowed from their old friend Lando Calrissian. They used it in their disguises as Lord Rysto and Syrule at the Lizil Killik nest during the Swarm War. They were attempting to track down the Jedi Knights turned Joiners Jaina Solo and Zekk, and bring them back from the front lines of the war. Han Solo saw two black Fefze waving their arms at the vidcam in an attempt to be let into the ship, but they turned out to be the smugglers–turned–Galactic Alliance spies Jae Juun and Tarfang in disguise. The Sullustan and Ewok, respectively, were there to warn Han and Leia that the Squibs Emala, Grees, and Sligh had put a one thousand credit death mark on each of their heads despite the deal they had made.[1]

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The Swiff's first and only appearance was in Dark Nest III: The Swarm War, which was written by Troy Denning and released on December 27, 2005.


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