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The robas were very swine-like in appearance.

"He is a pig! He is a savage! Do not believe a word he says."
―King Frane[src]

Swines, also called pigs, were quadrupedal mammals. They main physical characteristics, including their blunt-ended nose, large size, and hooves, were archetypal of porcine species.[1] To compare a person to a pig was an insult, at least amongst Rutanians[2] and Calian Humans.[3] The expression "pearls before swine" referred to giving things of value to those who would not understand or appreciate it.[4] In addition, some sentient species such as the Ugnaughts and Gamorreans had physical similarities to pigs, namely the snout and, to a lesser extent, their vocal language. In the latter case, their similarities were to such an extent that Gamorrean guards have even been called pig guards due to the resemblance.


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