Swoopdueling was a name given to a variation of sport dueling, where individuals were pitted against one another in aerial combat for the entertainment of a crowd.


Many cultures had some form of gladiatorial entertainment. These various competitions were often incorporated into intergalactic tournaments. During the Mandalorian Wars, swoopdueling was big business. An organization called the Franchise organized many different types of duels into different intergalactic tournaments. By adding safety precautions, they were able to get the duels sanctioned by the Galactic Republic. The Franchise made sport dueling, in all its forms, one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the galaxy.


A new innovation at the time, swoopdueling combined the thrill of Swoop racing with the excitement of a gladiatorial combat. Combatants and their steeds varied greatly depending on the tournament and event. Combatants used anything from swoop and Speeder bikes to jetpacks and winged creatures to provide aerial combat for spectators. The biggest swoopdueling tournament the Franchise held was on Jervo's World.Most events started in the central arena, but would quickly move to many sub-arenas, where various environments and hazards were recreated. Combatants would try to outmaneuver, outrace, or outfight their opponents. There were many different events in the tournament, including the Solo Aerials and the Tandem Open. Zayne Carrick once took part in this tournament.


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