""I am that which grips the heart in fright, hearkens night and silences the light." It was written of my sword, long…long ago."
―Ajunta Pall commenting on his sword to Revan.[src]

The sword of Ajunta Pall was used by the Sith Lord Ajunta Pall during the Hundred-Year Darkness, and was laid to rest with him in his tomb on Korriban.

Ajunta Pall built a fierce reputation during and after his time. One of the ways he did this was through his double-bladed sword. Some people believed that it was his sword that gave Ajunta his power, but Pall himself thought that it was the source of his corruption.


During the Jedi Civil War, the redeemed Sith Lord Revan entered Ajunta's tomb to get this sword, so he could gain prestige in the eyes of the master of the nearby Sith Academy, Uthar Wynn.

Revan found the double-bladed sword, along with two ordinary swords, in Ajunta's sarcophagus. After a conversation with the spirit of the long dead Sith Lord, he correctly decided which sword was the correct one. After doing this Revan showed Ajunta the way back to the light side, finally calming his tortured soul. Before leaving, however, Pall warned Revan about the corruption within the sword. He told Revan that if he was wise, he would not keep the sword, in order to avoid a similar fate.

As Revan and his companions left the tomb, they were accosted by another Sith hopeful, Shaardan. He had planned to let someone else reach the sword after going through the deadly traps, and then purloin the sword for himself. Revan refused to hand it over, and Shaardan attacked him; the brief encounter ended with Shaardan's demise. Revan returned the blade to Uthar Wynn, and upon recounting the events of the brief skirmish with his rival, he gained quite a bit of prestige in the eyes of the Sith Master.[1]

When Meetra Surik arrived on Korriban five years later, Kreia retold Revan's tale to Surik. She stated it was unknown what Revan had done with the ancient artifact.

Nearly four thousand years later, at the time of the Galactic Civil War, Imperial Staff Sergeant Rothax rewarded an Imperial soldier for several victorious battles against the Rebel Alliance with a Sith sword that was rumored to be a close replica of Ajunta Pall's sword.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Although The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia states that Revan killed Shaardan and gave the sword to Master Wynn, the player has several options with what to do with the sword: the player can give one of the fake swords to Shaardan, who gleefully runs away without checking its authenticity. He is reprimanded at the Academy by Wynn for this, and Force choked to death; the player can give the actual sword to Shaardan; the player doesn't have to turn the sword over to Wynn (as it is possible to gain enough prestige without giving up any items you find), and they or one of their crew members can use it for the rest of the game.

In spite of the Sword's prominence in his original appearance, most artwork portraying Ajunta Pall shows him using a lightsaber, and a single-bladed one at that.



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