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SotJ Preview Art
Sword of the Jedi
Attribution information

Christie Golden[1]

Publication information

Del Rey[1]


Legacy era[1]


post 44 ABY

Preceded by

Fate of the Jedi[1]

Sword of the Jedi was to be a trilogy of novels written by Christie Golden. The storyline was to have taken place sometime after the conclusion of the Fate of the Jedi series and would have focused on Jedi Master Jaina Solo Fel and her husband Jagged Fel.[2] The series would have also featured Tahiri Veila, Ben Skywalker, and Allana Solo.[3]

The Sword of the Jedi series has been canceled indefinitely due to the announcement from Disney Publishing Worldwide and Random House about the relaunch of the Star Wars adult novel continuity.[4][5]

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