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Sy Myrthians were a sentient species of apparently mammalian gastropods, moving on one large "foot" (similar to the Hutts). They were covered in short fur and had elongated heads. At least one Sy Myrthian planet was part of the Galactic Republic, and was represented in the Galactic Senate by Senator Toonbuck Toora. Toora would later lead some Sy Myrthians to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems[source?] although not all Sy Myrthians joined Count Dooku's movement.[1]

Two Sy Myrthians made up the three-person crew of the freighter Reticent, and were captured by the Galactic Empire alongside their Koorivar captain. The Sy Myrthian navigator suffered heart failure under interrogation by Darth Vader.[1]

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Notes and referencesEdit

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