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Sy Myrthian
Physical characteristics

Mammalian gastropods

Sociocultural characteristics

Sy Myrth


Sy Myrthians were the sentient natives of Sy Myrth.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The New Republic Sy Myrthian diplomats with escort and pets.

Sy Myrthians were a species of apparently mammalian gastropods, moving on one large "foot" (similar to the Hutts). They were covered in short fur and had elongated heads.


Once members of the Galactic Republic, the Sy Myrthians were represented by Senator Toonbuck Toora in the Galactic Senate. Shortly before the First Battle of Geonosis, they seceded from the Republic and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. They were later two diplomats on the planet Coruscant under the New Republic.

Behind the scenesEdit

Cloak of Deception erroneously describes Toonbuck Toora as a "hairy biped", even if all the other sources specify that Sy Myrthians are not bipeds.

According to Leland Chee's "Ask Lobot" article in Star Wars Insider 101, "There has been some suggestion that the Toonbuck Toora we see on Geonosis was actually a Shi'ido shape-shifter involved in a duplicitous ploy to bring Sy Myrth to the Confederacy. In that scenario, the plot is ultimately foiled, leaving the planet firmly loyal to the Republic."

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Sy Cityslicker
A Sy Myrthian city slicker


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