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"Sounds like that rough crowd out there is an easy one tonight."
"All in a night's work, baby."
―A Twi'lek dancer and Sy Snootles, after their performance for the Grand Hutt Council[src]

Sy Snootles was a female Pa'lowick singer and a lead vocalist for the Max Rebo Band. She was also the former lover of Ziro the Hutt and was his killer. She was also a spy for the Grand Hutt Council's leader, Jabba.


At some point, Snootles had an affair with Jabba's uncle, Ziro. However, Ziro broke off the affair and Snootles was sent by Jabba to Nal Hutta.[4]

Clone WarsEdit

Following Ziro's escape from Coruscant's detention center[5], Snootles was performing before the Hutt Council at Gardulla's Palace. She then learned from one of the dancers that Ziro was there. Snootles then went to Ziro's cell, where she caused a fight between the Gamorrean guards. She then freed Ziro and escaped with him to his Mama's house.[4]

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