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Sylvia IV was a planet and the Sylphe Homeworld, located in the Sylenia V system. It was discovered some decades before the Ruusan Reformation by the Galactic Republic.


Soon after its discovery by Andrew Woolfson and his exploration team, Sylvia IV became part of the Galactic Republic, albeit conserving an autonomous status. Three Human bases were installed on the planet : Eridani, Jedar and Lorik. The Republic quickly named a local governor, Karl Descemovitch, who was in charge of the system for eight years.

In 1125 BBY, the Disaster of Arrakad led to the massacre of the Human population of Eridani, the primary Human establishment. The Galactic Republic launched a massive evacuation of Jedar and Lorik before quarantining the planet.[1]. This quarantine would last at least 27 years[2].

Behind the scenesEdit

Sylvia IV was briefly described as the Sylphe Homeworld by Franck Vidal for an ambiguously canon roleplaying scenario which appeared in the French magazine Avalon 2.


Notes and referencesEdit

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  2. It can be determined by the age of Descemovitch's son in the scenario : he was twelve-year old, and was born fifteen years after the events of Arrakad.