The Consolidated Learning Systems Synoptic teacher was a device that allowed the user to rapidly obtain new information by transferring data directly to the brain at the subconscious level. Perfectly safe, the Synoptic Teacher could be used while someone slept, implanting knowledge into your brain for quick retrieval.

Marketed widely to the public, the Synoptic teacher was designed to be used in conjunction with a wide variety of pre-designed information learning modules; these modules spanned a wide variety of subjects, ranging from mechanical knowledge and technical repairs, vehicular and technical operation, slicing and programming, to knowledge cartridges on language, history, agriculture, business, and more.

The Synoptic teacher took the form of a helmet, in which data modules could be plugged into the helmet one at a time. The transference process took place while a user was asleep, with the transferal procedure taking between 15-30 minutes. Depending on the level of the module content, and its degree of technical or cultural sophistication, a users retention or ability to process the data varied - retention and recall was widely dependent on the users base knowledge of the subject beforehand. An individual with no prior experience with slicing for example, would have difficulty learning how to program, whereas a slicer who used a synoptic teacher, could easily learn a new computer language.


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