The Syren was a Trade Federation pleasure liner. It was the primary vessel used by Lord Toat on Maramere. After killing Toat and stealing a prototype cloaking device from the vessel, Sol Sixxa sunk the ship.


The Syren was in the middle of a pleasure trip around the oceans of Maramere. It was hosted by Lord Toat who was talking to Harro Ruuk about the prototype cloaking device from Raith Sienar, as well the planet's resources and it's natives, the Mere. Suddenly Toat was shot dead by a Mere pirate lead by Sol Sixxa and the ships's B1 battle droids easily destroyed. Sixxa then proceeded to steal the prototype, threw all crew including Ruuk overboard and set Thermal charges to scuttle the ship.

The ship was then left at the bottom of the ocean. Nym, who was hired by Loreli Ro to stop Sixxa, would swim to the wreckage, observing the damage to understand what Sixxa was armed with when he discovered PL-37's head. He would retrieve it to find any information on Sixxa.