This article is about the Sullustan worker. You may be looking for other references by the name of Syub.

Syub Kyak was a Sullustan who worked for the SoroSuub Corporation.


Kyak was responsible for the creation of the G-59 Cannibalizer. He was married to Aril Kyak and had two children with her, Fiev Kyak and Sien Kyak.

Around the time of the Clone Wars, he went on holiday to the Cularin system along with his family. They rented the space yacht Crest of Dawn from Cularin Star Tours and flew it around the system, to see it's sights. However, his children rewired the ship's navigational controls and it got stuck in the radiation storms around Genarius. He managed to send out a mayday message and it was picked up by the crew of the Starchaser IV, the Star Tours safety ship. It came to the rescue and towed the Crest to the nearby floating city of Edic Bar. Kyak planned to get the yacht repaired there and thanked the crew of the Starchaser for helping him.