Syychi was a female albino Wookiee. She stood nearly 2.4 meters tall, and was generally a silent individual when her temper was not aroused. Born a slave of the Galactic Empire on the prison world of Vizcarra, she never saw the Wookiee home planet, Kashyyyk, a fact which bedeviled her.

At one point, Syychi shared a cell on a prison ship bound for Vizcarra with the young Twi'lek Memcha-Badawzi, daughter of crime lord Abdi-Badawzi. The Twi'lek woman inspired Syychi, and the pair led a prisoner revolt that overtook the ship's crew and allowed all aboard to escape. After obtaining their freedom, Syychi followed Memcha to Neftali, where she became second-in-command of Cordel Cove under Memcha. She was frequently in charge of a contingent of the planet's Whiphid security staff, whom she would call on without hesitation should she be provoked by troublemakers.

"Syychi" is Old Corellian for "quiet."