"I would get them, but I lack the security clearance and don't have your military prowess."
―T'licl Zanedi[src]

T'licl Zanedi was male Ithorian scientist and sympathizer of the Rebel Alliance. He provided information about an Imperial project to the Rebellion in the years subsequent to the Battle of Yavin.



T'licl Zanedi on Corellia

T'licl learned that research of a concentrated energy compound was being conducted in a warehouse on Corellia. In response, he contacted Qual'do Herm, an Alliance major working in the hidden Rebel base on the planet.

He believed that the compound was unstable and dangerous. Out of concern for the possible environmental impact and long-term dangers of the Empire having such a substance, he sought out the Rebellion in the hopes that they would infiltrate the facility where it was being held. He felt that he did not possess the courage or means to do so himself.

Qual'do Herm sent a Rebel operative, who met with T'licl near the warehouse, where he was given instructions by the Ithorian to retrieve the design overview and research notes relating to the compound, as well as a sample. While the warehouse did not contain any of the researchers responsible for investigating the substance, it was protected by an experienced stormtrooper squad. The operation proved to be a challenge, but was nevertheless a rousing success—with details of the compound eventually being turned over to Herm and the rest of the Alliance for further investigation.