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There are two conflicting sources for this article: Empire's End 2: Rage of the Emperor and Empire's End audio drama.

A cohesive timeline has not yet been established by Lucasfilm. Editor discretion is advised.

T'iaz was an alien Dark Side Adept that served Palpatine. He was killed at Kira Fortress in 11 ABY aiding Palpatine in the abduction of Anakin Solo. While there he engaged in a duel with Rayf Ysanna who sliced off his hand and disarmed him.

Behind the scenesEdit

The audio dramatization of Empire's End provides different information regarding T'iaz's death. In the audio drama, instead of going with Palpatine to the surface of Onderon, Tiaz remains to command the Eclipse II and dies when the vessel collides with the Galaxy Gun above Byss.


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