"One can tell simply by the way it congealed that it is lubricant-lubricant of a type used almost exclusively in the repulsor generator of our T-Forty-Four landspeeders."
―Tarkin identifies a stain on Ensign Baz's boot[src]

T-44 landspeeders were a model of landspeeder used by the Galactic Empire during the early years of its reign. Five years after the Empire's establishment, T-44s were in use at Sentinel Base, an Imperial construction project in the Outer Rim. One T-44 was sent to the base's motor pool repair bay as it had become clogged with construction dust, and while it was there Ensign Baz stood near it while using spice. A lubricant exclusively used in the landspeeder's repulsor generator stained Baz's left boot while he was in the repair bay, which Governor Wilhuff Tarkin later noticed and used along with several other pieces of evidence to deduce that Baz was a spice user.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

T-44 landspeeders were first mentioned in Tarkin, a novel written by James Luceno and released in 2014.


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