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The T-4 model was a ground transport vehicle used by the Imperial military. It had an open cab, light armor, and a mounted double-barreled energy canon; was powered by four repulsorlifts; and had a five-ton payload. Cadets at the Imperial Academy were certified in T-4 use during their second year. All T-4s, like most Imperial military vehicles, were locked with a keypad tuned to a four-digit code. The factory setting was 0000, and most soldiers kept it that way, as it was easier than ensuring that all soldiers memorized the new code.

During the year 5 ABY, Kyle Katarn and WeeGee used a T-4 to escape Jerec's Imperial forces and Grave Tusken mercenaries, when trying to get away from the Katarn house on the moon Sulon. The T-4 was located near the exit of the Katarn home, and was later destroyed during Katarn's pursuit when it slammed into an Imperial roadblock.

Mara Jade employed a T-4 in the Katraasii Spaceport to break through a bulkhead door during her chase for Abron Mar.



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