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For other uses, see Jedi shuttle.
"There's nothing you could have done to avoid a crash, master. I've never seen such a dense debris field around a planet. I don't think even Plo Koon could have gotten a T-6 through it safely."
Anakin Skywalker comforts Obi-Wan Kenobi over crashing a T-6 shuttle on the planet Carnelion IV[src]

The T-6 shuttle, also called a Jedi T-6 shuttle, was an unarmed transport used by the Jedi Order. An older design, it saw greater use during the Clone Wars.

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The T-6 shuttle appears in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The online guide for "Revival," the first episode of The Clone Wars: Season Five, incorrectly identifies a Jedi ambassador shuttle as a T-6 shuttle.[2]

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