T-77 Experimental Airspeeder

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The T-77 Experimental Airspeeder was an atmospheric vessel developed by the New Republic, and in use during Operation Shadow Hand.

The T-77 airspeeder was a sleek vessel. It had a rounded engine unit in the rear and a front which sloped upward toward the vehicle's rear. It appeared to have two cannons under its chin, although whether these are actual weapons or another device is unknown. It could carry at least two people, and possibly more, although it didn't appear to.

Luke Skywalker and Kam Solusar explored the ruins of Ossus in a T-77 speeder during the latter phases of the Galactic Civil War. Their airspeeder was launched from the cargo hold of the Jedi Explorer. It was presumably destroyed along with the Jedi Explorer by AT-ATs.



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