The T-class long-range personal cruiser was a type of starship used by the Brotherhood of Darkness near the end of the New Sith Wars.


The T-class was considered one of the most advanced ships in the Sith fleet. As with most starships, it was equipped with a hyperdrive and ion engines for sublight travel. The controls were of a standard, easy-to-use type, and there was also an autopilot. Additionally, at least some T-class vessels had homing beacons, although these did not seem to have had an interstellar range. They could launch hyperspace-capable message drones, although these may not have been carried as standard.


One T-class personal cruiser was the Valcyn, presented by Lord Kaan to Master Qordis of the Sith Academy for his work with the apprentices, but it was stolen by Darth Bane when he left Korriban.



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