T3-R5 was a T3-series utility droid affiliated with a small band of pirates during the Jedi Civil War. Some time after Darth Revan's supposed death, the pirates captured a powerful battle droid. A Dark Jedi affiliated with the Sith Empire believed that there were hidden battle droid manufacturing facilities on an unknown world. This was actually the pirates' base of operations. Sith and Galactic Republic forces fought in space for control of the Darkmoon. It is unknown which faction took control of the ship, or whether they were able to defeat the pirates and destroy the battle droid, but shortly after the battle, reinforcements arrived and defeated any pirates that may have survived. It is presumed that T3-R5 perished along with the other pirates.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the Knights of the Old Republic: Opportunities Star Wars Miniatures scenario, an R5 astromech droid is used to represent T3-R5. This is probably where the droid gets its name from.