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TA-175 was a T-series tactical droid that served the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Battle of Ryloth. TA-175 suggested to Wat Tambor that they retreat from the city, because the republic would be able to take it soon, by Tambor refused to listen. The Republic pressed on, with the help of Native Twi'lek freedom fighters. Again, TA-175 suggested a retreat, but Tambor refused, as two more tanks full of stolen treasure were arriving. It was these treasure tanks that allowed the Republic to get inside the city, and two ARF clone troopers, Stak and Razor, to turn on the energy bridge again, allowing the attack to continue. TA-175 decided the Wat Tambor was a fool and left, stealing Tambor's shuttle. TA-175 then informed Dooku that Tambor was captured, as he was too greedy to retreat in time.

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