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The TC-SC infiltration droid was an espionage droid designed for obtaining intelligence from areas too difficult to breach by less-advanced espionage droids. Technologically, it was similar to the PROXY droid.


The TC-SC model gained its advantage through the maxim of "nobody takes notice of a droid doing its job." A TC-SC droid was equipped with advanced holographic image disguisers, allowing it to assume the appearance of any humanoid droid (or, if needed, any humanoid being). Such abilities made the droid an effective assassin.


TC-SC droids were occasionally used by leaders and other dignitaries as decoys in order to protect against assassination attempts. After a public appearance or speech, an official would trade places with an identical TC-SC droid. This would allow the official to be surreptitiously secreted away, leaving the droid to deal with any possible threats.


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