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TD0-2 with Rorworr.

Sia-Lan: "When Deel goes for the door, we'll have to cover him!"
Rorworr: "OOORRAWK!"
TD0-2: "He says—"
Sia-Lan: "No need to translate, I caught the tone."
Sia-Lan Wezz talks strategy with Rorworr, TD0-2 doesn't get to translate.[src]

TD0-2 was a hovering translator droid belonging to Rorworr. It was similar in function to the later M-TD. It's primary function was to translate Shyriiwook and Thykarann to Galactic Basic Standard, as Rorworr understood Basic, but was unable to pronounce it.

Behind the scenesEdit

Comments in the Production Art Gallery on Wizards labels the droid as "TD0-9." However, the droid is designated TD0-2 in Battle for Theed, a free, 3-page teaser comic released by Wizards of the Coast.[1] The droid is also designated TD0-2 on page 004 of the Star Wars: Invasion of Theed Adventure Game Rulebook.



Notes and referencesEdit

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