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"You always hear them first. Twin ion engines make TIE fighters howl as they fly by on patrols."
Ezra Bridger[src]

The TIE/LN starfighter, commonly known as the TIE fighter, was the signature starfighter of the Galactic Empire, with a later model being used by the First Order. They were instantly recognizable from the roar of their engines and carried locator beacons enabling them to be found by the Empire. Designs for the TIE fighter were partly based on the Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor.[9]


TIE/LN starfighter were small in size and manufactured en masse by the Empire. They were outfitted with an ejection seat and twin laser cannons mounted to the "chin" section of the cockpit module.[7] Seemingly a disposable vessel, Wilhuff Tarkin dreaded the thought of ever having to pilot one due to its cramped cockpit.[10]

During the reign of the Empire, TIE fighters were favored for their versatility, if not for their durability. They were able to operate both in space as well as in planetary atmospheres, acting as fighters or scouts.[11] One great advantage of the TIE fighter was the fact that it was not simply limited to linear flight, like other fighters of its time. On occasion the fighters demonstrated ability to hover in place and even fly completely sideways, adding to the usefulness of the fighter as a scout vehicle.[12] As part of the five year plan for the industrialization of the Outer Rim Territories, TIE fighters were produced on a number of planets, including Lothal.[13] TIEs produced in Sienar's factories on Lothal had shorter, sturdier wings. This allowed the fighters to make surface landing, a feature not included in the standard TIE.[2] Despite their maneuverability and firepower, TIEs were not suited for long distance space travel as they lacked a hyperdrive.[14]

At least a month after the Battle of Jakku, all TIE/LN starfighters were upgraded with advanced weaponry invented by Ved Foslo, allowing them to punch through an enemy fighter's shields as well as hull, destroying them in a single hit.[15]


TIE/LN fighters are one of two starships available to Imperial players in Star Wars Battlefront, the other being the TIE interceptor. Compared to the X-wings and A-wings, TIE fighters lack shields but instead possess good maneuverability and speed. However, their large wing panels make them very easy to hit in dogfights, giving Rebel fighters a slight advantage in ship-to-ship engagements.


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