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"This “fighter” is nothing more than a big, fast, flying bomb. It carries an explosive payload to a target. End of story. And, most likely, end of target."
―Description of a M4[src]

The TIE Experimental M4, also known as the TIE Bomb, was a guided missile based on TIE Series technology and a part of the TIE Experimental Project.


A modified starfighter built by an Imperial research project led by Director Lenzer under the command of Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin, the M4 was designed as a cruise missile for destroying capital ships and space stations. With wing panels taken directly from the TIE/sa bomber and a similar central pod and wing struts, the TIE M4 was loaded with enough explosives to detonate with five times the explosive force of a kamikaze TIE/LN starfighter.

With an oversized booster employed in addition to the standard Twin Ion Engines, the TIE Experimental M4 had greater linear acceleration than a TIE/D Defender and as much maneuverability as a standard TIE Fighter. As a guided missile, the TIE M4 had no defensive weaponry. Like the other TIE Experimentals, the M4 was remotely controlled by a modified Beta-class ETR-3 escort transport.


Rebel forces only known encounter with the M4 occurred when the Empire executed a retaliatory strike against the cruiser Liberty. Liberty's fighter squadrons were scrambled in defense, and they managed to save the ship from destruction.

After the destruction of the hangar ship Sardis and space platform Obsidian, no TIE Experimental fighters were seen again.



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