"Did they leave just the dumb Jedi behind? Or are they all that useless?"

TK-70558, nicknamed Rede, was a clone commando created in Spaarti cloning cylinders on Centax-2 around 20 BBY. He was created from second-generation clone material, and was grown in the span of just one year.

In 19 BBY, after the end of the Clone Wars and the rise of the Galactic Empire, Rede became a clone stormtrooper, and was appointed to the 501st Legion's Imperial Commando Special Unit, under the command of Roly Melusar. He was assigned to Squad 40 along with clone commandos Darman Skirata, RC-1309, nicknamed "Niner", and IC-4447, nicknamed "Ennen", after Ennen's squadmate Bry's death during a mission to the planet of Celen.

Later, Rede and his squadmates were tasked to kill a Jedi who had been cornered on Coruscant. After Ennen killed the man, it was revealed that their target was not a Jedi at all; rather a thief who had possession of a lightsaber, and after this incident, Ennen committed suicide. Darman, Niner and Rede were soon sent to the Coth Fuuras space station to kill Jedi Knight Borik Yelgo. After separating the Jedi from the civilians, the commandos engaged him in combat. Rede got in close quarters to the Jedi and managed to kill him. After the fight Darman said never to tease him again. During his time with Squad 40, Rede attempted to learn Mando'a to keep up with Darman and Niner's "slang".


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