TOL-type ore was a variety of ore that was mined on the planet 244Core, in the Unknown Regions. At some point during galactic history, the company Tor-Ro-Bo Industries hired a group of spacers to smuggle some semi-processed TOL-type ore from an ore processing facility on 244Core to the bulk freighter Tor 7863, in breach of a profit-sharing agreement that Tor-Ro-Bo had signed with the other corporations that operated on 244Core. The smugglers arrived at the facility and proceeded to load the illicit ore onto their starship. However, the Eeook Corporation and a number of the other signatories to the trade agreement learned of Tor-Ro-Bo's violation of the contract, and they sent some security forces to the processing facility to prevent the smugglers from leaving 244Core with the ore. However, the spacers evaded the security forces and successfully transported the TOL-type ore to Tor 7863.