The TTS-15-series education and tutorial droid was designed for educational purposes. It was used when attending a regular academy was impractical or undesirable. Marketed to "those who view education as a serious, critical period of an organic life", Industrial Automaton created the droid, which was a mixed success. Though inexpensive to purchase, the original product run was for an on-lease basis, with no option to purchase the droid. For a start up of five hundred credits and an annual renewal fee of one thousand credits, the droid was primarily targeted for sale to wealthy nobles, or as a low cost teacher for budget strained educational centers.

Sporting a powerful VerboBrain and the equally powerful TranLang II Communication module, the droid was able to keep up with other high-end droids such as the 3PO line. It came with a built-in learning station with a video display and keyboard, and was equipped with basic educational packages but could be reprogrammed with specific subjects and lessons. However, Industrial Automaton limited the droids intelligence to cover only three areas of specialization; these specializations could only be installed by the company, and required the droid to be sent back for reprogramming when the droid needed an expansion.

However, the droid line did prosper, and many a child was molded by this droid's tutelage. Eventually the TTS-15 would be offered up for primary sale, but the droid was still hampered by its three preprogrammed areas of specialization.


  • Galactic History
  • Material and Theoretical sciences
  • Languages (specific)
  • Literature
  • Multi-Cultural Literature
  • Cultures
  • Mathematics


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