The TX-1118-series assassin droid was an assassin droid produced by the MerenData subsidiary, Terminax, for use by the Empire. Roughly humanoid in shape, the TX-1118 was designed with a variety of on-board weapons systems. It was originally marketed as a soldier, but was priced too high, and MerenData found themselves with a surplus of droids in their warehouses. In order to recover their development costs, MerenData reprogrammed the droids to eliminate the ethics programming and turn the TX-1118 into an assassin that would kill any being they were told to. This droid, known as the Terminax, was armed with a blaster rifle in one arm and a fragmentation grenade launcher in the other. The TX-1118 was known for its loyalty.

Behind the scenesEdit

While the Arms & Equipment Guide indicates that this droid was developed by MerenData Termina, Wretched Hives of Scum & Villainy indicates that the TX-1118 was built by Terminax.

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