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"An attack on Taanab—though on the Perlemian Trade Route—would earn the dissidents more condemnation than praise, as Taanab’s agricultural projects feed billions in the Mid and Outer Rim."
―Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit explains why its unlikely the Carrion Spike will target Taanab[src]

Taanab was a planet located in the Inner Rim region of the galaxy[1] on the Perlemian Trade Route. The world was home to several agricultural projects which create food used to feed billions of inhabitants of Mid Rim and Outer Rim worlds.[2] The Alliance to Restore the Republic pilot Wes Janson was born on Taanab.[3] After the Imperial corvette Carrion Spike was stolen by dissidents Taanab was a world within their reach as a potential target, but Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit of Naval Intelligence did not consider the world under threat, as damaging the food source of so many innocents would not fit with the shipjackers' objectives.[2] At some point before the Battle of Endor, the gambler Lando Calrissian participated in the Battle of Taanab.[4]



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